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General tree information
Tree number 128768
Scientific name
Common name unavailable
Trunk diameter 7.00 inches
Tree height 15.00 feet
Date Planted Missing
Yearly ecosystem services Value
Data is not available. The trunk species is needed to calculate the environmental resources for this tree. Add the species >>
Plot number 128805
Plot size 1.08 ft x 1.08 ft
Plot type Median
Powerlines overhead No
Sidewalk damage Minor or No Damage
Private Property Unknown
Tree condition Excellent
Alerts 0 known
Alert Reported by
Actions 0 known
Action taken Reported by
Local projects 0 known
Tree entered by Missing

Nearby Address

420-472 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Please note that this address is intended to be a general, not exact, reference to the location.

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Username mtbakerurbanforest
Date May 5, 2017

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